Monday, May 26, 2014


Hi guys! I am back to share with all of you my all time favorite website for online shopping!

I bet most people are aware about Zalora Singapore since they carries so much brands online.
As I have been busy lately, I don't even have the time to get my shopping done so this is the best way to get everything I need using my office laptop.

Personally my favorite brand in Zalora will be Ezra, their clothes are affordable and in good quality. I will never get disappointed with their goods and of course the efficient service from Zalora.

Why is Zalora my best online shopping platform?

  • They have the most easy to use and convenience website/mobile apps to do my shopping.
  • I get free delivery when I spend $40 & above
  • It's cash on delivery (useful for first time buyer as they might afraid to pay beforehand) 
  • I can receive my shopping loots within 1-3 working days!!
  • I can return for FREE within 30days!! This is the best part that most online shopping missed out. Since we are shopping online, we will never know if the clothes fit for us or the product design came out not to expectation so with this FREE return now we can shop with ease. 
  • I can even shop for brands thru online with discount! Just register an account with Zalora and tick on the newsletter box to get latest updates on the discounts and promo code for your next buy. 

That's AWESOME right? I don't have to leave my house and step into shopping mall to fight with crazy crowds. I don't have to worry whether I am able to carry all the shopping bags myself. Best of all, I can spend my time browsing through thousands of products and reading on reviews to decide the best one to choose from.

Start purchasing all your fashion apparel, shoes, accessories and beauty categories with ZALORA Singapore just in a few clicks and get all your shopping loots deliver right to your doorsteps!
No more Monday Blues~ Looking forward to receive my shopping parcel this week!!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Taiwan - Day 7

Taiwan - Day 7

Time flies, its already the last day in Taiwan with my parents. Since we only left with a half day in Taiwan, we just shopped and ate in Ximending. Luckily I managed to book a taxi the day before to go airport from Ximending at a cheaper price of Ntd$690 which normally cost Ntd$900 to airport. You can book his service at +886-9-5550-3350 Mr Wu. If he is booked, you might want to try another driver Mr Song +886-9-8225-8878 which I found online that also charge around the same price for hotel/airport transfer.

So we had for the last time the Taiwanese breakfast at Yong He Dou Jiang before shopping around.

Another popular shaved ice in Ximending

Still can't get over with this Cong Zua Bing! Totally my fav street food. I always ordered the cheese flavor~

Before leaving Taiwan, the last thing I will always do is to get this yummy Milk Sun Cake which have an outlet conveniently located in Ximending. Take exit 4 in Ximen station and the shop is just directly opposite. 
The shop name is call Vigor Kobo 維格餅家 and I think they have the best Tai Yang Bing especially for those who like milky taste. Although Tai Yang Bing is actually famous in Taichung but those I have tried in Taichung really doesn't taste as good as this. If you doesn't like those milky taste then you might consider getting the original Sun cake from Li Yi Bing Dian 李儀餅店 at Taipei Main station.

If you buying the Sun Cake at this Ximen outlet, then just walk a few shops beside to try this popular smooth and yummy almond tofu at Yu's Almond Tofu 于記杏仁豆腐 .

there's an event starting in Ximending but sadly I will be on my way to airport by then

Modern Toilet restaurant in Ximending

50 Lan is actually the same company as Koi but in Taiwan they are named as 50 Lan.

I love mochi so this attracted me! 

Peanut Mochi!! 

Enjoyed my trip with my parents even though I get tired bringing them around. Its the first time planning an entire long trip of 7days 6nights and changing of 4 hotel/guesthouse. I really did a lot of researching and planning for this trip since is fully free & easy trip. I am glad that my parents do enjoy themselves throughout and at least my hard work didn't gone to waste. I will recommend you guys to follow this itinerary if you are going 8days 7nights since my first day in Taichung was kind of rush and didn't really went to visit some attractions. 

Taiwan is a great place to travel since air ticket you can get at $200+ to $300+ during promotion and hotels are normally $100 per night. You could stay in guesthouse for budget and you can still expect well condition of the rooms, just make sure you did a good research before booking. Definitely gonna visit Taiwan soon and explore other part of Taiwan.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Taiwan - Day 6

Taiwan - Day 6

Our last full day in Taiwan and I am feeling so depressed to return back to SG. I love to travel around since I always get to explore new things and experience different culture. The best things is to get my shopping done and of course the yummy food to fill my stomach.

First stop of our day, we went to have our breakfast at Ah Zong Mian Xian. The place that everybody know to have their Mian Xian in Ximending.

If you are in Taipei, you should never miss trying their beef noodle so we traveled to Dongmen station and walked to have our lunch at Yong Kang Beef Noodle. The beef texture is really good and also the soup is not too thick, you will definitely finish the whole bowl. Do avoid peak hours or you will have to queue for it.

Since we are at YongKang area, I decided to have some desserts after our meal and we settled down at Smoothie House for their yummy mango shaved ice.

After filling our stomach with lots of food, we headed off to tourist attraction - Chiang Kai Siek Memorial Hall. Dad was so happy when he saw the exhibition for Teresa Teng since he was a fan of her. We then walked around in the memorial hall looking at the history that both my parents enjoyed while I am getting a lil bored.

After that we headed off to the next tourist attraction - Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall but we were late and the exhibition was closed. However, it was still not a waste trip because this is the best place to take a photo of Taipei 101.

As it was still early, I decided to bring my parents to have some ice cream at Big Tom while waiting for the sky to turn dark to get the perfect view of the light up Taipei 101. I have been to Big Tom during my previous trip in 2011 and I really love the texture of their ice cream.

And finally! Time to get a good photo of Taipei 101!

Last stop of the day is for shopping - Shilin Night Market!!!! The best part of the day!!
Shilin is consider the largest night market in Taipei and you will expect a lot of tourists. The yummy big fried chicken that you should not miss at there.

Tried the white bitter gourd with honey and is not that bad compared to the green one

After a long day of shopping and exploring Taiwan, finally we are back at our hotel - ECFA Wan Nian. The hotel is cheap but I find it not too clean. Still is worth to get this hotel if you are on budget.

The shopping loots I got today~